UPROXX Summer Guide: Great Summer Gadgets

07.13.10 8 years ago

Every summer, we’re inundated with a new swarm of gadgets intended to make relaxing that much easier, at least until they break and you can’t find the receipt. And this summer is no different: here are six gadgets that’ll make summer that much easier. Just…bring batteries.

Garmin Phone

We’ve been waiting for cell-phone manufacturers to realize that the GPS is a killer app, but it looks like Garmin beat them to it. The Garmin Phone is a fully functional GPS and, even better, a fully functional Android smartphone. In other words, there’s one less gadget to keep in your car, finally.

T-Mobile Inspiron

On the beach but want to goof off online, maybe watch some Netflix in the shade? Look no further than the T-Mobile Domini, a netbook that’s got a constant 3G connection. It’s dirt cheap, too, at $200, plus of course a contract.

Kodak Playsport

Waterproof cameras are handy for casual snapshots, but not great for action shots due to the slow lens and terrible stabilization. Kodak has managed to fix both with the Playsport, a waterproof camera with great image stabilization.

Casio Pathfinder

If you’re out in the woods, or just lost in general, there’s nothing like a compass. The Casio Pathfinder actually is a compass; press a button, and the digital display pops up the direction, helping you find your way through the woods, or just settling a bet on where “north” is.

Tunebug Shake

Headphones while bicycling is a bad idea, but cycling without tunes can be boring. This is where the Tunebug Shake comes in: strapped to your helmet, it turns the entire thing into a resonator while allowing you to hear traffic and other problems. Plus it’s just neat to have.

Brando RC Helicopter

Brando specializes in weird USB gadgets, and this is no exception. It’s a normal (if incredibly tiny) RC helicopter except for the recharge station: this recharges from, of course, USB. And don’t even pretend you don’t want one.

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