Witness The Greatest Man Cave A Gamer Will Ever See

Many of our childhoods involved playing video games, but few could imagine being successful enough to have a gaming setup worth showing off to the public. Well, our friends at BroBible have discovered one of those few “Holy Grail” rooms that we could only dream about. Even though this gallery is titled “how to make everyone on the Internet wet”, the content is quite safe for children, though one can only wonder about the damage done to this person’s wallet.

This is not just a gamer’s man cave. This is the friggin’ Smithsonian of Gaming. We’re talking complete libraries of video games in a layout so organized that the custom-built shelves are even labeled with their corresponding system’s emblem. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

What’s not to love about this? This room has video game systems that existed at least as far back as 1983 (that’s when the NES was launched — second shelf from the top), so there’s just about something for everyone. Come on, take a look at how amazing this is:

Now, we’ve seen the world’s largest video game collection, but it’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as this. Given the stress of thieves and accidental damage, one can only assume that any time spent in here would be under heavy supervision, if anyone is even allowed in at all.

Maybe it’s just worth sitting back and admiring from afar.

(via BroBible)