A Hoarder Was Found Dead Under Piles Of Trash In His Own Home Following A Lengthy Search

03.28.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

In sad, but also really, really gross news: A Dallas, Texas man named Skip Bynum was found dead in his home underneath piles of trash following a two-day search for his body, after police stopped by the man’s home to check on him. Over the course of the search, neighbors saw jars of what appeared to be urine being removed from the home among the debris, and were warned to buy rat traps due to the impending flood of vermin once the house is demolished. If that didn’t already induce a full body shudder, there’s more! From MyFoxDFW:

On Saturday afternoon, police responded to a call to check on Bynum after friends said he hadn’t been feeling well and didn’t show up at an event. Police and Dallas Fire Rescue responded and tried to search the home, but due to large amounts of debris inside, they were unable to find Bynum.

Fire officials eventually cut holes into the roof and crawled in the attic to gain entry, and they searched through several piles of debris in their search for Bynum. Search teams with dogs were also unable to locate the man. Finally, the city attorney’s office secured a warrant for the home to remove some of the debris inside.

Contractors who were hired to begin the removal process reported they found they man’s body Thursday. Workers in HAZMAT suits and breathing gear could be seen removing load after load of trash, outdated electronics, and random odds and ends from the home.

Bynum also owned a pet chihuahua which somehow amazingly was found alive during the ordeal. Either that or maybe he owned many chihuahuas? Nope, not going there. These hoarding stories seriously send a chill down my spine. Last time I accidentally watched an episode of Hoarders I ended up immediately spending an entire hour organizing and consolidating my tupperware drawer in the kitchen.

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