Groupon Is Fully Aware The ‘Banana Bunker’ Looks Like A Sex Toy, Thank You Very Much

Behold the “Banana Bunker,” an item Groupon recently offered for sale through their deal-of-the-day website. The product’s intended use is to, well, carry and protect one’s banana. The company recently posted a link to the item on their Facebook page and leave it up to the internet to make jokes and references to the product’s resemblance to a, well, you know.

Without missing a beat, the person in charge of the Groupon Facebook Page played it off as coy and innocent as possible by replying to every comment:

Someone should give Groupon’s social media manager a raise. Not only did that stunt provide some comedy for all involved, but the company actually sold out of all their “Banana Bunkers.”

(Source: Mashable)