'Grand Theft Auto V' Drops Three New Trailers For The Playable Lead Characters

Rockstar Games has released a three-in-one trailer for Grand Theft Auto V‘s three playable lead characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Michael’s a Vice-City-by-way-of-The-Sopranos style middle-aged thug who doesn’t understand why he’s not happy in retirement. Franklin’s a San Andreas style former street thug who wants bigger opportunities. Trevor is a drug-addled, redneck lunatic who wants a backrub. Better give him the backrub, or he’ll whip his junk out again.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s lives intersect in one big heist, which seems to involve the inevitable strip club and carjacking, but no indication of how cool the sandbox aspects of the game may be. I play sandbox games for the sandbox, not for pixel boobs and movie-like cutscenes. Give me a jet pack and a rocket launcher and I’m happy (both in life and in game).

Grand Theft Auto V releases on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this September 17th. Presumably it will come to PC eventually, but Rockstar hasn’t made that official. Something tells me I’m going to be playing Trevor the most, but liking Franklin more as a character. Michael I don’t care about. Oh boo hoo, I’m rich and don’t even have to work but I’m not happy about it. Dude could install a ball pit in his house and he’s whining about an existential crisis? F–k outta here. When you stare into the ball pit, the ball pit also stares into you.


(H/T: PlayStation Blog)