Entertainment Tonight Tries To Explain ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, Fails Miserably

06.26.14 5 years ago 10 Comments

You’d think, at this point, it’d be easy to sell a comic book movie. Marvel’s adaptations are hugely popular and only getting more so. A Batman movie won a bunch of Oscars. And let’s face it, we’re seeing Guardians of the Galaxy for the cast, action, and comedy, not because the idea of a ragtag band of misfits fighting a seemingly unstoppable force is somehow an original plot. And yet, Entertainment Tonight feels the need to try and sell the skeptical public on a movie where stuff blows up real good, in a clip found by Bleeding Cool.

Seriously, try to watch this and not cringe. What’s weird about this whole thing is how hung up they are on the comic book aspect of the story. I confess that at first I was hugely skeptical of the idea of adapting a fairly obscure property, but I was approaching it like a comics nerd, not a non-comics person. Guardians of the Galaxy is a far easier sell to the general public than a superhero movie, because it’s a movie set in space mostly starring people in makeup. It’s basically off-brand Star Wars; “Hey, kids, you like spaceships flown by snarky people with guns blowing stuff up? Have we got a movie for you!”

Also, we like how the clip dodges any mention of Dave Bautista, either because they’re afraid people will confuse him with the MMA fighter, or because they think he’s not a big enough star. Poor Dave.

Anyway, if you were wondering how media professionals were explaining this movie to old people, you now have your answer. This is unlikely to affect the movie doing well in theaters this August, though: like we said, spaceships blowing stuff up has a universal appeal.

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