‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Gets Remade In LEGO. You’re Welcome.

Why it took this long, we have no idea, but it’s arrived. Yes, the Guardians Of The Galaxy have been remade in LEGO.

From YouTuber Forrest Whaley, who has turned moving Legos around into a career, part of the fun is spotting all the fill-ins Whaley used for huge scenes. If you’re quick, for example, you’ll spot Mon Calamari, oddly silent on whether or not it’s a trap, in the background. Also, surprisingly, this is an official spot, according to First Showing; it appears Disney gave Whaley enthusiastic permission to put their upcoming hit into plastic.

Of course, we can see this getting awkward, since the LEGO Movie is licensed through Warner Bros., but surely LEGO Batman won’t be such a diva as to insist on being cut into this. We hope.