‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Continues Its Conquest Of Rock Radio In A New TV Spot

06.26.14 5 years ago 11 Comments

One of the many missions of Guardians Of The Galaxy seems to be reviving interest in the rotation on your local rock radio purveyor. So far we’ve had Hooked On A Feeling, Spirit In The Sky, and now apparently it’s time for the Runaways to take the stage.

Aside from helping to salvage the Runaways’ reputation after that terrible Kristen Stewart movie, this mostly reinforces that Rocket and Star-Lord don’t exactly get along. Also, is it us, or are the materials subtly hinting that Peter Serafinowicz is going to be some form of bad guy? Possibly a Walter Peck-esque thorn in their sides? Is there going to be a moment where noted crotch-adjuster Rocket Raccoon questions the existence of Serafinowicz’s genitalia? We can only hope.

Besides, after a somewhat lackluster summer, where the movies have either been a mess or soullessly corporate, it’ll be fun to see a movie that’s unconcerned with how seriously we’re going to take it and just wants us to have some fun. And if nothing else, we’ll finally see Nathan Fillion as a talking dog!

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