Guess What Happened To These Kids Who Took Prom Photos While Crowded Onto A Small Bridge?

These Pierce High School students in Piece, Nebraska gathered on the property of classmate Alisha White to take some pre-prom photos before their senior prom. What happened next was tragic. And by tragic I mean really, really, really funny.

Andy White said his daughter and her friends — and a few parents — had gathered at his home to get photos taken before the teens had to be at prom. The students took some photos at the house, White said, and then they decided to have a group shot taken on one of the bridges on his land.

Bad idea.

Moments after all 21 teens had posed on the bridge and a few photos were snapped, White said, there was a loud cracking sound and the bridge overturned. The students, decked out in their finery, were unceremoniously dumped into the creek below.

I guess you could say these kids made a real “splash” at the prom this year! Right? NAILED IT.

It seems like all the kids actually had a good sense of humor about it, which is I guess the only thing you can do after being dunked into four feet of freezing cold water on your way to the prom. Special thanks to the hero kid who posted the photos to Twitter, which have since gone viral.

I can only imagine what would have happened if there had been video footage of the event. The internet would have exploded and then rebuilt itself and the exploded again.

(Via Kearney Hub)

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