Watch Guillermo Del Toro Be Rendered Speechless By A Giant Gundam

Don’t just stare at it. Eat it.

While promoting Pacific Rim in Japan, Guillermo del Toro let the cameras of a Japanese variety show follow him as he toured the Gundam Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo. He was accompanied by Rinko Kikuchi and Ashida Mana, who play the adult and child versions of Pacific Rim‘s Mako character.

If Guillermo del Toro’s awesome house wasn’t indication enough, let the video below be all the proof we need that he’s cut from the same geek cloth as us (the cloth has cartoon robots on it). Early in the video, del Toro points out the Gundam which inspired the design of Cherno Alpha in Pacific Rim, not to be confused with those other Jaegers.

He starts getting particularly fanboyish at 2:40 in the video upon seeing a large Gundam statue up close, then gets even more excited at 3:19 when he spots the life-sized Gundam outside. Watching him get gobsmacked over a Gundam statue just makes me like him more.

(H/T: Topless Robot)