A Racing Team Is Using The Batmobile To Achieve Two Dreams At Once

Everybody wants a chance to drive the Batmobile. It’s the ultimate car, in many ways. But Team Galag is combining two dreams by not only driving the Batmobile, but racing the Gumball 3000 with it.

For those unfamiliar, the Gumball 3000 is essentially a rolling Mardi Gras inspired by the goofball classic The Gumball Rally. Participants roll out a bunch of supercars and drive 3000 miles across Europe, usually from one city to another, with their starting position determined by how much money they raise for charity. This year’s rally is between Dublin and Bucharest, and Team Galag, a regular participant, decided to go all out with a Batmobile.

It’s a car that would make Lucius Fox proud. Based on the design from Batman: Arkham Knight, it’s got a V10 and is entirely custom made, largely, of course, from carbon fiber. So it’s light, it’s powerful, and it’s fast; just give it a jet turbine and a few non-lethal anti-personnel weapons and they might find a guy dressed like a flying mammal jacking their ride to hunt down Killer Moth.

If you’re on this year’s rally route, keep an eye out for the Batmobile. The Gumball is arriving at Prague today and will be in Budapest tomorrow. So if you live in the area and you’ve got a really good Joker cosplay, now would most certainly be the time to roll it out. If not, well, there’s always Rocket League.

(Via Facebook)