So Yeah, You Can Now Buy An Eight-Inch Gummy Pizza For Lunch

Just because we’re all adults here doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the delicious (and refined) taste of gummies shaped into other foods from time to time. And while the gummy pizzas you may have seen before may not impress you much due to their fun-size status, now there’s a gummy pizza that is eight inches around and almost more sugar than you can eat. (If that is an actual thing, which it is not.)

Each pizza costs $12, which is kind of steep, but you’re not just paying for the quality ingredients (cherry-flavored pepperoni), you’re paying for the experience. I’ve never heard of berry-blast flavored shredded cheese before, but now it’s the only thing I want! Oh, and if you’re health conscious, you should remind yourself that while this gummy pizza packs a sugary punch, at least it isn’t 32,000 calories like the giant gummy bear.

(Via Toyland)