Gun Violence Broke Out In Arkansas, But This Interviewee Focused On Something Different

Gun violence has broken out in Blytheville, Arkansas, over the last few days. A man was shot and killed over the weekend, and multiple homes and cars have been shot at, riddled full of holes. Naturally, the community is frightened, held in the thrall of multiple violent shooters.

The scariest bit of news out of Blytheville is the fact that there seems to be juvenile perpetrators potentially in cahoots with older criminals. Right now, there’s little information on how many shooters are out there terrorizing this neighborhood, but one interviewee in this news report put it in chilling terms — his buddy dropped to the ground, and he dropped his Hot Pocket.

The loss of life is no laughing matter, but it’s impossible to not think of a slow-motion lunch/dinner (or even breakfast) pastry dropping to the ground in this dire moment. You can tell that this man is truly heartbroken over losing his Hot Pocket. You can see that the bullets that rang out through his neighborhood are clearly a heavy burden on him. With violence breaking out in his neighborhood, and people dying around him, the one thing he had to depend on was a delicious Hot Pocket, with its flaky crust and warm, gooey center there to warm his heart.

But that’s gone now.

(Via Kait8)