A Guy Was Busted For Drunk Driving In Mexico City Thanks To… His Parrot?

Sometimes even the most ridiculous stories seem too good (or mostly stupid) to be true, and this is certainly one of them. According to El Universal, 49-year old Guillermo Reyes was driving home from the local watering hole in Mexico City one night last week, when he arrived at a DUI traffic stop. Whether or not Reyes was in a condition to try to trick the police into thinking he was sober is unknown, but it wouldn’t have really mattered with his passenger so willing to rat him out for drunk driving the moment that a badge was flashed.

Except Reyes’s passenger wasn’t a fellow drinking buddy or even a concerned friend. It was his pet parrot.

“He’s drunk, he’s drunk” came the voice from inside the car, so the police thought that another person accompanying the driver, but to illuminate the interior of the car with a lamp, discovered a green parrot repeating the state coming into his own. (Via El Universal, with the delightful help of Google Translate)

Basically, the parrot had been around enough of Reyes’s friends to pick up the special description and that’s why the bird was so quick to sell his owner out. For his crime, Reyes was sent to spend the night in Mexico City’s “Hangover Prison,” which is an awesome metal band name for the drunk tank, and the police were kind enough to let him have his bird so the poor feathered snitch didn’t become scared without his favorite drunk.

And while I can’t confirm, I believe that this might actually be the parrot in question…

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