A Guy Filmed Himself Almost Getting Crushed By An Out-Of-Control 18 Wheeler On An Icy Highway

A man was sitting in traffic in New Jersey, blocked by two trucks on the turnpike. He decided to take a picture of the two trucks (most likely to post to social media later and complain, like most of us would) when he heard a noise behind him. He turned his phone and turned it to camera just in time to get video of him almost being crushed to death by a third, out-of-control truck.

The man narrowly avoids death, yet has the awesome benefit of having that moment forever immortalized in video. Please note, how this man avoided letting out a shrill and girlish scream is beyond me. If there is one time a shrill, girlish scream is acceptable from a grown man, it’s when an 18 wheeler is about to crush you. Just saying.

Via YouTube