Watch This Guy Find An Unexpectedly Gross Surprise Inside A Tree He Just Cut Down

Warning: Video NSFW for language and somewhat gross nature

The title of this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday — and already at over a quarter of a million views at the time of this writing — is, “Guy cuts down tree, but there’s a surprise inside!” That surprise would be a fairly large black snake that met the business end of the chainsaw sawing through the log it was hiding in. And despite having been quite literally sawed in half, the snake was not yet ready to throw in the towel, as the head end backs itself out of the tree to the guy’s very profane shock and horror.

It’s unclear whether or not the tree had yet been felled when the snake burrowed inside, or if the log had been sitting on the ground long enough for the snake to get in. One Redditor offers some insight:

Best guess is that some small mammal made a tunnel to the tree hollow from below. Snakes check that kinda shit out for an easy lunch.

Another helpfully added:

This same scenario happened with my grandfather and I. We dropped an old pecan tree that was waiting to fall. Started cutting it up and we noticed there was a copious amount of blood on the chain saw. Kicked back one of the logs and saw a possum with half a face. I’m sure this happens quite often unfortunately.

You’re all welcome for that visual. I guess the moral of the story is, always check a log before you go sawing on through it willy nilly. Or don’t, because you might not want to know what’s in there.

(Via Reddit)