This Guy Found Out Months Later That Flowers On The First Day Of His New Job Were Not For Him

Starting a new job can definitely be nerve-wracking, so it’s always nice when human resources departments go above and beyond to make a new employee feel welcomed. Such was the case for a guy named Jon Qui Qui who began a new position at a San Fransisco advertising agency last October. When Qui Qui arrived at his desk on the first day of his job, he was delighted to find a bouquet of flowers waiting for him.

“First day feels ?,” he captioned the photos, above, that he posted to Twitter.

In a hilarious twist of fate however, it turns out that the flowers were not actually for him, but for another employee going on maternity leave that were accidentally placed on his desk. When his new coworkers saw him taking photos with the flowers they felt too bad taking them away from him, so they just let him keep the bouquet.

Qui Qui only just learned this fact on Friday, February 8, nearly four months after the fact when the office manager confessed it to him as she was leaving for another job. “I’M CAAAACKLING,” he tweeted in an update.

Suffice to say, Qui Qui’s story captured the hearts of the internet, as others on Twitter rallied around him.

A new corporate tradition, perhaps? Let those who wouldn’t want lovely flowers waiting for them at a new job cast the first stone.