Try Not To Get Sick Watching This Guy Ingest Five Pounds Of Powdered ‘Mass Gainer’ In Under Five Minutes

Uproxx readers may be familiar with Matt Stonie, a competitive eater whose accomplishments — aside from beating out Joey Chestnut in 2015 to win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — include feats of eating greatness such as drinking seven Shamrock Shakes in under seven minutes, housing four Chipotle burritos (and a Diet Coke!) in three minutes, and, mostly recently, obliterating the fabled Saltine Challenge.

He’s a pretty big deal.

In his latest video, Stonie does the unthinkable and sets out to consume something most people would never even want to attempt, a five-pound container of Arnold Schwarzenegger Series: Iron Mass, which is touted as “High Calorie Weight Gain Powder For Building Serious Mass” according to website. Thankfully, Stonie doesn’t ingest the power — which he says smells like “Banana Runts” — dry, and instead blends it with water, which I assume is the way God intends Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Mass to be consumed.

After blending, Stonie fills up 11 pint-size glasses with the stuff and then, with a good amount still remaining in the blender, he somehow manages to compete the challenge far under his five-minute goal — in just two minutes and five seconds. Amazingly, though, Stonie didn’t immediately just Hulk-out right there on the spot, so it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger Series: Iron Mass is to blame for some serious false advertising.