This Cop Probably Should’ve Listened To This Guy’s Excuse For Speeding

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Adonis Ramos-Erazo

Needing to take a massive dump when you’re nowhere near a bathroom is just one of life’s little screw you’s. Case in point, this Florida man who had to go so badly that he nearly ran over a police officer while on his way to his porcelain throne. And that’s not even the worst part of the story.

Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo, 24, was caught doing 75 in a 55-mph zone and was stopped by a Lake County sheriff deputy as a result. When the deputy asked him the reason for his speeding, Ramos-Erazo told him he was in a rush to get home because he needed to “relieve himself.” Well, the deputy must’ve been suspiciousness of Ramos-Erazo’s answer because he then ordered the suspect out of the vehicle. Instead, Ramos-Erazo ignored the deputy’s request and sped off, hitting the deputy’s arm.

The speeder made it home, but was tasered while trying to make a run for it to the bathroom. With his stomach still churning and bubbling over like a clogged drain, Ramos-Erazo was taken into custody and placed in the back of the police car, where he urinated and defecated all over himself.

Thanks to his bathroom emergency, Ramos-Erazo is now facing fleeing, battery on a law-enforcement officer, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle on a law-enforcement officer and resisting arrest charges.

He was released from custody after posting $18,000 bail.

(Via New York Daily News)

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