This Video Basically Sums Up Every Time A Boyfriend Turns Down Sex With His Girlfriend

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Relationships aren’t always a two-way street, especially when it comes to the bedroom. While women have a veritably endless list of valid excuses for not wanting sex (tired, period, cramps, stomachache, etc.), men are generally assumed to have an inexhaustible libido and should therefore be ready to get down whenever. (And honestly, with all of the double standards that women face, I’m totally okay with this.)

Fortunately, someone put together this comedic reenactment of what happens when a guy turns down sex from his attractive blonde girlfriend, and the ensuing melee that proceeds. Ladies, if there’s anything to be learned from this video, a good rule of thumb is: “If you’re ever in doubt, he probably just rubbed one out.” Check around for a wadded up tissue and circle back in 20 minutes.

(Via Reddit)

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