Your Next Drunken Blindfold Challenge: Is This A Guy’s Butt Or A Girl’s Butt?

Here’s an amazing game to play with very special and open-minded friends: girl butt or guy butt? Grab a blindfold, find one pair of shorts so clothing doesn’t cause a gender bias, and start feeling butts. And try, without the benefit of sight, to guess if the butt you are touching is a girl’s butt or a guy’s butt. As you’ll see from this video, it’s not always that obvious — some guys have squishy, ample butts; some girls have tiny, flat butts. It’s a cornucopia of butts out there, people! Everyone has a butt, or at least a buttcrack, and that’s why it’s a time for acceptance, tolerance, and celebration. Of all butts.


Get it trending, heroes.

(Via Barstool Sports)