Donald Trump’s Out Of Control Narcissism Caused Him To Tweet A Lovely Tribute To Serial Killers

Donald Trump is not very good at Twitter. From taking credit for made up quotes that he never said to getting housed by comedy writers and getting shot down by Deadspin — if he knew better, Trump would have hung up his tweet-hat ages ago. But Donald Trump does not know better, because his complete idiocy and asshattery is matched only by his bloated whale carcass of an ego. So when earlier today a fan reached out and asked him to retweet a picture of his now-deceased parents who said that the business magnate had been an “inspiration” in their lives, well — of course he couldn’t let a fan down, now could he? OF COURSE NOT! Especially not a fan whose parents obviously had such impeccable taste in inspirational figures.

Except for the fact that this picture is not of @feckhead’s parents, but notorious British serial killers, Fred and Rose West. Between 1967 and 1987 Fred West, later accompanied by his wife Rose, tortured, raped and murdered at least 11 young women — some of them being family members and one of them being West’s stepdaughter from his first marriage. But hey, who’s got time for reverse image searches? Certainly not important, inspirational figures like Donald Trump!

But really, you could probably get him to tweet a picture of a dog pooping or an old lady getting pushed over if you slathered it in enough praise first. Even though after the fact he might sue.

(Via The Metro UK)