Floppy Drives Would Like To Know, 'What is Love?'

We’ve posted music made by floppy drives before (I could be doing right now. The day I can’t cover a video of stepper motor vibrating out the smooth philosophical yearnings of Haddaway is the day I take caffeine pills till I die like Elizabeth Berkley. (What do you mean, Saved By The Bell wasn’t a documentary?)

has another forty or so of these floppy drive songs, but we’re just going to focus on this one because it’s amazing. Can’t. Stop. Listening. As Burnsidef250 suggests, “Somebody needs to make a music video of this, with C3PO, Bender and the Terminator in a car going to a nightclub.” Hop to it, internet. Have that on my desk — next to the NoDoz blister packs — by 4 AM tomorrow; yes I’ll be awake.

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