Is This Parasitic Baby Costume The Most Terrifying You’ve Seen Yet? (Probably)

Good news for people who are a little bit pregnant and also want to be a little bit scary for halloween: this year’s hottest costume for moms-to-be is a parasitic baby that’s trying to break through the stomach just in time to enjoy all that delicious Halloween candy. And if that comes at the expense of the mom’s skin and blood (and probably some vital organs), then so be it—ain’t nothing more important than the possibility of a full-sized Crunch bar.

Cosmopolitan reports that while the costume above — posted by Epic Parenting on Facebook — is a novel way to make friends and neighbors careen away in fear (after giving up all that sweet, sweet candy), it’s also not unique. Pregnant women have been pulling this costume off for years. Although, let’s be honest, no one is hitting it out of the park like the woman above (probably because it’s just a little more subtle than most). I don’t know whether it’s the fake blood, the face, or the fact that the baby is straight-up holding one of those plastic trick-or-treat buckets that gets me, but even looking at the picture for more than a few seconds makes me a little uncomfortable. But that’s probably because I keep wondering whether the bucket was inside the mom the whole time or whether she handed it over to the baby once it started breaking free as a sign of her unyielding fealty.


(Via Epic Parenting, h/t Cosmopolitan)