Twitter Has Some Ideas For Which Woman Should Appear On The New $10 Bill


Founding father Alexander Hamilton had better get used to sharing space. The first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury has graced the $10 dollar bill since 1929, but a woman will soon join him. On Wednesday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that an unnamed woman will appear on a redesigned $10.

This news follows on the heels of the WomenOn20s initiative, which produced such crowd favorites as Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Rosa Parks. The public has spoken, and Lew says the internet movement worked: “We have only made changes to the faces on our currency a few times since bills were first put into circulation, and I’m proud that the new 10 will be the first bill in more than a century to feature the portrait of a woman.”

The new design shall launch in 2020 to mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which allowed women the right to vote. Who will the chosen woman be? Lew will make the final decision, but he says this task will take months. The treasury will launch a new website, and Lew is asking the internet to post ideas to social media using the #TheNew10 hashtag.

Twitter has already tossed out several suggestions, some more worthy than others. (The only true qualification for the chosen woman is that she must be dead, but the internet doesn’t care about pesky details.)

While we’re changing bills, Bill Murray would be an excellent choice for the $5.

Now for a dose of reality. Zing!

(via The New York Times & CNN Money)