Hanksy Broadens His Pop Culture Horizons With Cosby, Danson, And Gosling-Inspired Works

Editorial Director

Hanksy, the Banksy-parodying Tom Hanks enthusiast, appears to be moving in another direction fresh off his Krause Gallery showing. Over the weekend Wooster Collective and HuffPost spotted new Hanksy in New York City, only the new street artwork is focusing on pop culture subjects who didn’t star in Bosom Buddies. Bill Cosby, Ted Danson, and Ryan Gosling to be precise.

It’s unclear as to whether Hanksy has simply run out of Tom Hanks puns or just need to move in a fresh direction, but as long as that direction is 80’s sitcom focused with a touch of Gosling I think we can all agree it will be well received.

It’s punny because Bill Cosby sold Jello, you see. The other two after the jump.

Wooster Collective and HuffPost via Gothamist

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