Hannibal Buress Trolled People By Telling Them Obama Was Running For A Third Term

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Why? With Hannibal Buress is at its best when Buress takes it to the street and riffs off of unsuspecting passersby, and Wednesday night’s episode was no exception. Buress and a cameraman went out and informed people on the streets of Los Angeles that President Obama was signing an executive order that would allow him to run for a third term of office.

Rocking an Obama 2016 t-shirt, Buress gauged general interest, and, for the most part, people didn’t seem all that surprised. Then again, most of the people he spoke to weren’t all that smart. Looking at you, girl who thinks the average adult life expectancy is 70-something. Read a book!

UPDATE: Hannibal Buress just emailed the Uproxx tips account to inform us that the average life expectancy IS in the 70s. And he provided a link. Our apologies to the woman in the video.