Hannibal Buress Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To People Ripping On His Stray Hair

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Look at that sharp dressed man up there! Hannibal Buress almost always looks smooth, whether he’s suited up, going casual, or sporting a pimp fur coat. Folks tend to forget about the trivial things such as appearance when they’re, you know, laughing at a hilarious person’s jokes, but Buress doesn’t get enough respect for his swagger. Buress also overcame being the comedian who inadvertently launched a rundown, so now he’s bringing the focus back to his own material.

There’s just one problem with this magnificent plan. The execution of Buress’ Camedy Camisado special was thwarted by a troublemaker, which happened to take root on the side of Buress’ head. Viewers noticed and started tweeting the news to Buress. Although folks congratulated Buress on his professional accomplishment, they also showed no mercy: “Too bad no one told you you had one stray hair on the right side of your head.” Ouch.

Seriously, people couldn’t stop looking at this rogue hair.

Buress — a man in touch with his audience — noticed that people noticed the weirdness going on with his usually polished noggin. Don’t worry, Buress is okay with the jokes. He even cracked a few in return while retweeting followers. That crazy hair? It’s “art.”

And the jokes just kept on coming. Check yo reflection, folks!