The Slingshot Channel Geeks Out About ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ With A “Beheader Bazooka” And More

Last time we checked in with Jörg Sprave, the smiling German rubber enthusiast — not as strange as it sounds — had built a real-life version of the slingshot/spear from One Piece. We also enjoyed his other inventions, like the machete slingshot, the Gatling gun slingshot, the 6-shot slingshot, the circular saw blade launcher, the musket ball crossbow, the zombie decapitator, the slingshot cannon, and the pump-action slingshot crossbow. Perhaps it was inevitable he would be captivated by Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and build new slingshots based on the trailer.

Sprave made three videos demonstrating “witch”-hunting slingshots to promote the movie opening in theaters today. The first video below is relatively tame, testing a few of his previous slingshots against mannequin witches. A German rubber enthusiast with mannequins around the house? Sounds like our kind of people.

The second video introduced his new “Witch Beheader Bazooka”, which seems awesomely safe. It’s still safer than the new weapon in the third video, a “Portable Witch Incinerator” which stores a tube of gasoline next to a flaming arrow. Yep. That’s where gasoline is stored. Did we mention Paramount didn’t sponsor these videos? Sprave just made them because he wanted to. But Paramount will come around eventually. If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that doing drastic, terrifying things will eventually win over anyone who’s already said no.

(H/T: The Slingshot Channel)