Harlan Ellison And Paul Chadwick Are Making An SF Comic, ‘7 Against Chaos’

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12.10.12 2 Comments

Harlan Ellison has his… problems but was and is an absolutely unimpeachable and brilliant writer. Paul Chadwick is one of the best artist currently working in comics and quite possibly one of the best artists in comic book history.

And they’re making a comic book together. It’s pulp SF and called ‘7 Against Chaos’.

Need a minute? We’ll wait.

All cleaned up? Good. Now here’s what it’s actually about:

In a distant future, Earth is in grave danger: The fabric of reality itself in unraveling, leading to catastrophic natural disasters, displaced souls appearing from bygone eras, and sudden, shocking cases of spontaneous combustion. The only hope for Earth’s survival is a force of seven warriors, each with his or her special abilities. But can these alien Seven Samurai learn to get along in time to find the source of the gathering chaos and save all of reality?

We have absolutely no idea how this came together. We’re assuming it involves enormous dump trucks full of money considering neither Ellison nor Chadwick come cheap, and for excellent reason.

And we don’t care. This sounds like Ellison going bananas on pulp science fiction while Chadwick similarly goes bananas. This is best made clear in the promotional art:

This arrives Summer 2013. Hopefully it’s all in the can already, because we suspect any wait between issues will be agonizing.

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