You Can Fight City Hall In An Exclusive Preview Of This Week’s ‘Harley Quinn’

Harley Quinn has never had it easy. After all, her boyfriend is the Joker, that’s going to throw a wrench into any sort of life, but even as she’s cut ties with her puddin’, Harley still has a host of problems. Chief among them is her friend Mason in jail, and it’s about to get uglier, as we see in this exclusive preview.

This needs a little background. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have found Harley going up against the local mayoralty over the minor issue of, ah, massive corruption. Harley being Harley, she went with her mallet of justice instead of a lawyer, and she and the mayor have had a tense relationship ever since. And now, something has tipped these particular scales…

To see how Harley saves her friend, and why she’s running around in a mascot suit with a hand cannon, check out Harley Quinn #24, on stands this week and digitally.