Harley Quinn Voice Actor Tara Strong Cosplayed As Harley Quinn Because Life Is Worth Living

While Margot Robbie is intimidated but enthusiastic about the challenge of portraying Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, another Harley Quinn actress is showing how it’s done. Tara Strong, who voiced the character in Batman: Arkham City, posted two pictures of herself dressed as the character on her Instagram page with the message, “G’night puddins.”

I have no idea of the context or the impetus for this, but any time someone wants to dress as the character they voiced, I’m on board. And it’s not even the first time Strong has gifted the internet with bonus Harley Quinn. Back in 2013, we posted this vine of Strong and Mark Hamill in character as Joker and Harley.

More of this. Less of everything else.

Via Tara Strong and Fashionably Geek