‘Ghostbusters 3′ Still Happening, Despite Harold Ramis’ Death. Of Course.

It’s only been two days since Harold Ramis passed away, but Sony is already scrambling to rewrite the Ghostbusters 3 script to remove Dr. Egon Spengler. Boo. Boo these people.

THR says “the Sony sequel remains on track but will need to be tweaked”, adding that scriptwriters Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (The Office) are tasked with the rewrite, which will usher in new, younger Ghostbusters. Ugh. Everything’s a reboot.

Harold Ramis co-wrote the scripts for the first two movies but not for Ghostbusters 3, which isn’t very reassuring. Also not reassuring is the current lack of Bill Murray’s participation. Murray — who had something nice to say about Ramis’ passing — is rumored to want nothing to do with this project, preferring to crash various parties instead. Whatever he’s doing at a karaoke party is sure to be more entertaining than Ghostbusters 3: The New Class.