Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin Join Ender’s Game Cast — Effect on Goodness of Movie Undetermined

That’s right folks, it’s time for more Ender’s Game casting news! Over the past couple weeks we brought you the news that Hailee Stanfield and Ben Kingsley will be in the movie, and now we also know that Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin have joined the cast.

What will these two new names bring to the film? Breslin of course broke out as the titular little miss in Little Miss Sunshine. Since then it’s mostly been forgettable family movies for her, although she was pretty good in Zombieland. Ford — eh, what can be said? He’s settled into a comfortable John Wayne “stagger around the let looking kind of confused while mumbling his lines” style of acting. Maybe this movie will be an unexpected return to form! But yeah, probably not.

So, our two main adult stars, Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley have the capacity to be either great, or pretty terrible depending on their moods. The kids in the movie are all talented, but they may end up just blending in with the wallpaper if the script/director don’t give them a chance to shine. What this movie needs is a guaranteed always-awesome actor to really shore things up. Let Ford go stagger around the set of Indy 5 and replace him with Jeff Bridges or something.

via First Showing