‘Has Anyone In This Family Ever Even Seen A Chicken?’

Last week I saw Elaine’s Dance Illustrated in a couple of places, and while I thought it was cute, I wasn’t didn’t feel compelled to write it up. Well, apparently my reading comprehension isn’t quite as impressive as SAT-Verbal had led me to believe, because up until today I didn’t realize Elaine was part of a series dedicated to illustrating pop cultures most memorable dances. One of those dances: THE BLUTH CHICKEN DANCE!

They even captured George Sr.’s little celebrated version! I blame the bloggers who posted Elaine’s Dance over the Chicken Dance more than I blame myself. I spend all day perusing the internet. I’m just one man. I can’t read everything. Who am I? Someone who reads books? GOB Bluth headlines or GTFO!

Yeah, so, turns out all ten are moderately to terrifically awesome. They’re part of the “Dancing Plague of 1518” project by Niege Borges. Prints available here. The rest of the collection in descending order of my affinity for the subject matter here…