Hasbro Reveals Which Dinobots You’ll See In ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ At Toy Fair

Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to have Dinobots! Dinooobots! You win Michael Bay — you’ve justified making another one of these damn things.

So, which Dinobots can we expect to see in the movie exactly? Well, Hasbro let the cat out of the bag this weekend when they revealed their full line of Age of Extinction toys. Hit the following pages to get your inner nine-year-old all riled up…

via io9


Duh. Wouldn’t be a Dinobots movie without Grimlock.


This sure isn’t the Strafe I remember! He was just kind of another generic jet guy in the past, but now he’s some sort of crazy two-headed pterodactyl. I’m going to go ahead and mark this one down as an improvement.


Slug, of course, is making a return. Slug has always struck me as a weird name for this guy — shouldn’t he be named THUNDERHORN or RIPCHARGE or something?


Complete with Dinobot feathers! So, it’s official, the next Transformers movie will be more scientifically accurate than the next Jurassic Park movie.


Is this a new guy? I certainly don’t remember any Scorn.

There’s also a few non-dino Transformers making their debut in Age of Extinction, including Hound…

And a new guy called Drift who transforms into a Bugatti. I’m pretty sure Michael Bay designed this guy himself on a cocktail napkin.

Finally, there’s also a new version of shark Transformer Skybite coming out, but he sadly won’t be in the movie.

Screw you Michael Bay — get your stupid Bugatti Transformer out, get the rad shark dude in.