Rumors Are Flying That Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Hateful Eight’ Is Back On Despite The Tantrums And Lawsuits

Quentin Tarantino is clearly indecisive. Word got out a few weeks back that the lauded director was shopping around the first draft of his newest film, The Hateful Eight. We all got pretty excited until more word got out that one of the few folks who had seen the script also leaked it.

This pissed Tarantino off and he went over to Deadline and claimed he was postponing the project and moving on, possibly even publishing the thing as a book. He also set his sights on Gawker via Defamer for sharing a link to download the script, turning this small bit of news into quite the odyssey.

Now rumors are spreading that The Hateful Eight is back on via Jeff Snieder on Twitter. Would this mean the lawsuits and publishing deal are also off? I’m so confused now.

Now is this the bottom line? Are we assured that the movie is back on track and folks are being contacted? Or is this just sick speculation? Let’s ask Bleeding Cool:

Sneider tweeted the following over the weekend. Be extra mindful that he admits to getting nothing back from reps and official sources (but isn’t that par for the course these days?) and that it’s not concrete enough to publish on The Wrap itself, so consider all this rumor and hearsay for now. But still, it’s hope, isn’t it?

Oh poop. Well I will hold fast to that last line and keep hope alive in my heart. We’ve seen the script and I’m pretty sure it’d be a fun movie if anything. Might even make Spike Lee mad again and that’s always fun. Stay tuned for more updates and the tweets in question are posted below.

(Lead image via gettyimages, Tweets via Jeff Sneider)