Haters Gonna Hate: Pop Culture Edition

Memes come and go and only a chosen few have any semblance of staying power. Since it’s inception (somewhere in 2009, Leo pun intended) “Haters Gonna Hate” and the strutting fat kid GIF have never failed to brighten my day. There’s just something about strutting like you own the place to the chagrin of haters that always rubs me just the right way. Without the meme I doubt I would have had the courage to wear a bolo tie to my high school reunion. Haters were hating that day, my friend. They were hating indeed.
“Haters” is also great for meming up pop culture. I’ve scraped the deepest bowels of the internet for the best of pop culture variations and — I must say myself — the collection is quite impressive. Haters aren’t going to know what to do with themselves.

Sources: Know Your Meme, Tumblr
Strutting Leo