Have A Tuesday Of Science With Bill Nye GIFs

It’s hard to think of a human being more enthusiastic about science, or science education, than one Bill Nye. When he’s not busy tormenting Ed Begley Jr., he’s discussing environmental science, hosting serious science documentaries, and doing actual scientific work, as befitting his background as an engineer at Boeing. And you’ll often find him explaining science to news anchors and possibly rabid people incredibly patiently on CNN or MSNBC.

But, of course, he’s best known as Bill Nye The Science Guy, and that’s what these GIFs are all about.

The show’s run from 1993 to 1998 probably did more for science education than most Clinton-era curricula. Among the brilliant touches were the parodies of pop songs, all of which are on YouTube, and Nye’s comedic timing.

Of course, he probably had no idea all those kids would grow up to make lots of GIFs out of his show, but, hey, bonus.

Fun fact: Nye actually owns a patent on a type of ballet shoe. He designed it because he was worried about how the dancers were injuring themselves.