Did You Hear The One About The Donkey That Walked Into A Store In England?

Senior Writer
04.02.14 2 Comments

Sometimes, someone posts a photo to Twitter or Facebook that seems like it needs a huge backstory and detailed explanations, when it really doesn’t. Take this photo of a donkey walking into a Tesco Express store in Brockenhurst, England, for example. Charlie Lambeth is the very popular guy who took the photo in this bizarre moment, as an actual donkey and not two men in a very elaborate costume from a 1980s movie Halloween party walked into a Tesco store, which I’ve learned from hours of diligent Internet research is basically like a CVS. Except this one is next to a farm or something.

According to Metro, the store’s owner was able to coax the donkey out of the store before he could do any damage, but what happened after that? I’m sure it was someone else’s problem. Damn it, people, we have to look out for each other when donkeys are running wild in the streets.

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