This Woman’s Heartbreaking Customer Service Tale Might Make You Think Twice The Next Time You Shop

(UH-OH: As it turns out, this story has been exposed as fake. A Wal-Mart representative told Colorado Springs’ KRDO station, “This story is not true.”)

You hear plenty of touching, sad stories during the holiday season. There’s no shortage, be it pizza delivery workers getting massive tips or old folks tossing snowballs, these stories exist to make you feel a little better about life during the holidays. Then there are stories like the one posted on Facebook by Paige Yore.

Patience is something in short supply during the holiday shopping rush, so hearing that someone was unhappy due to some less-than-stellar customer service isn’t a surprise. Sometimes it just can’t be helped and there are some folks who just can’t handle the easiest mistake. Then there’s the lady being described in this video and the gut punch behind her poor experience.

The salesman in question is being swarmed by temperamental holiday shoppers, but he has good reason for not having his mind on his job. I would rather not spoil it, but the video will make you think about that cashier a bit before you decide it’s smart to tear into them because things aren’t going swiftly enough.

I just hope the story isn’t a fake. It’s so hard to filter them out and so much easier to be fooled, particularly the ones that tug on your emotions. Faking a tale like this deserves some special derision.

(Via Paige Yore)