Heath Ledger Once Caused A ‘Kath And Kim’ Star To Totally Lose It On The Red Carpet

This video recently surfaced of Heath Ledger being interviewed on the red carpet of the 2006 AFI awards (according to BuzzFeed Australia, which covered the video the last time it surfaced) when Magda Szubanski of Kath and Kim wanders by and has a serious fangirl meltdown moment. It’s a sweet reminder as to what a nice guy Ledger was, as he regains his composure just after having the living crap scared out of him, to greet Szubanski by planting a big ol’ wet one which causes her to literally pass out on the ground.

Ledger and Szubanski later had another run-in on stage, where she announced him as the winner of Reader’s Choice Award for Brokeback Mountain, and tried to get another smooch while she was at it. This is probably, literally Australia’s version of the Adrien Brody-Halle Berry Oscars kiss.

(Via Reddit)