This Heckler Was Arrested For Throwing A Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle

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A man named Christian Englander was arrested on Monday after throwing a banana peel at Dave Chappelle. The comedian was performing a gig in Santa Fe when the incident went down and according to the New York Daily News, Englander was drunk and offended by some of the comedian’s jokes:

“It seemed fitting at that point,” said Englander, a self-described artist and aspiring clown. “I was like, the irony of this situation is too much to pass up, and I probably should’ve just let it be.”

Two days after the incident, Englander allegedly threw another banana peel at another black man:

In the second banana incident, Englander tossed the peel at a man named Jay Wills during a run-in outside of a Santa Fe bar, the New Mexican reported. The fruit feud was apparently inspired by a heated conversation the men were having about the Chappelle controversy, which many viewed as a racist act when Englander’s arrest made news. Englander and Wills gave conflicting accounts of who provoked whom, but both described a fight that ended with Englander throwing a peel that landed near Wills. (Via)

Englander told the Santa Fe New Mexican that he bought a bag of bananas for April Fools’ Day and conveniently had a peel on him during his second run-in on Wednesday. Further, says that he appreciates diversity and he’s thrown banana peels at other people who weren’t black.

(Source: NY Daily NewsSanta Fe New Mexican)

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