The Owner Of Heidi Fleiss’ Black Book Threatens To Release Names As Part Of An eBay Sale

Heidi Fleiss in court
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Heidi Fleiss enjoyed quite the luxurious heyday as the go-to, most trusted Hollywood madam of the 1990s. She quickly climbed the career ropes after a quick stint as a prostitute to learn the ins and outs of the profession. Fleiss took over her mentor’s business, and she eventually had 70 girls working under her wing. She earned $4 million during her first four months as a madam, and she once earned $90,000 from a single day’s commissions. Charlie Sheen once admitted to dropping cash for Fleiss’ girls, which must have made for quite a party.

The good times didn’t last. Fleiss’ prostitution ring was busted, and she did hard prison time. She subsequently went into the laundromat business and helped design an alien-themed brothel. She thought about starting another “ranch” in Nevada, but went into the clean-energy business instead. Fleiss’ legend lives on in the form of her little black book, which has hit the auction block on eBay. The eBay listing teases “the names and numbers of the rich and famous including A-List celebrities, Musicians, Sports Figures, Agency Execs, Politicians and the women who worked” for Fleiss. And there’s more from TMZ:

The eBay auction for Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss’ infamous Black Book is about to gain some huge momentum because the sellers are about to start name dropping some serious names that grace the pages.

We’re told the plan the owner is going to release 10 A-list client names over the next 10 days to drum up some hype around the sale. As things sit now, the bidding is over $75k but we’re told they won’t take anything less than $100k.

The current bid stands at just above $86,000. The current owner of the Gucci address book says Sunday is the deadline for the first name to drop. Is it worth privacy at that price? When it comes to these rich clients, someone may swoop in with a sale before someone else buys the book and sells it to the media.

(Via TMZ)