Even Helen Hunt Is Not Immune To Mistaken Identity At Starbucks


One Starbucks barista must have logged onto Twitter today after their shift and felt very, very embarrassed. Just think about some poor 19-year old coffee jockey coming home from work and telling their family or roommate “I served Jodie Foster at work today!” only to realize no, no they did not. Helen Hunt, fellow movie star of the 90’s and early aughts, posted a picture to Twitter with a Starbucks iced coffee labeled “Jody” and said she was assured that the barista knew her name when she offered it to them upon ordering. Apparently that was not the case and Ms. Hunt walked away with a mislabeled cup and probably a pretty bruised ego.

Even if you weren’t alive for the hey day of Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster, it’s really uncool to mix the two up. Especially since they were at the peak of their careers not all that long ago. Plus, this isn’t a pair of mid-level celebrities that might get confused with each other more often than they get properly recognized (sorry, Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly). This is Helen Hunt! And Jodie Foster! Hunt held her own in a rom-com with Mel Gibson before we knew how anti-semitic he was, earned an Oscar nomination just four years ago, acted opposite Jack Nicholson and not only lived but won an Academy Award, survived a Twister with Bill Pullman (er…Bill Paxton), and was the only other person that people remember being in Cast Away (she married his endodontist?!).

She has definitely had an envious career. She might lose the head-to-head battle with Foster, who among other accolades has two additional Oscar nominations and two total wins, but that is no reason for her to be confused for the Panic Room actress. Brush up on your middle-aged female actresses, baristas in the greater Hollywood area. That Starbucks barista better have her apology hat on next time Hunt comes in to that location and make sure she has some lines from Peggy Sue Got Married memorized and ready to use in some casual banter.

Also, learn how to spell Jodie Foster’s name right just in case she ever decides to stroll in to that particular branch for real.

(via Twitter)