Help Us Fill The "Worst Star Trek" Episodes Bracket

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03.21.12 67 Comments

Next week, we embark on our own version of March Madness: a bracket to choose the worst “Star Trek” episode ever. And before you ask? Yes, there will be a prize for the person who nails the bracket.
Our problem, though, is that we need nine more episodes to fill it out. Our Facebook fans have done an admirable job of picking some truly epic stinkers out of the several hundred episodes of television. But now we need nine more.
Considering how light the list is on “Voyager” and “Enterprise” episodes, shouldn’t be hard. Give us your best suggestions for the worst in the comments. Our competition so far…
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It’s like the headcrabs! Only they suck!
Lizard Worf tries to pork Frog Troi while Spider Barclay is a douche.
Just another slide down the spiral of wussiness for the Borg.
Or, “Yangs Up, Kohms Down!”
Considering Wesley survives, worst episode title ever.
We know the writers were stoned, but Good Lord.
For some reason, we thought this episode was great when we were thirteen. We have no idea why. There must have been something amid Quark as an annoying tourist and everybody else resolving their boring romantic plotlines…but what?
If a Star Trek episode has a colon or an exclamation point in it, you’re probably in for a disaster.
Because “Miri” needed a fat lawyer ghost. That was what was missing.
When you have to spend what may possibly be the last episode of a Star Trek series to ever air on television apologizing for the last four seasons of crap…something went wrong.
Including this one was…
Some puns even we can’t do.
Also Riker’s outfit is pure nightmare fuel here.
It gives you an idea of how awful this episode is that “Code of Honor racist” is actually a Google search suggestion.
One of the most unsatisfying endings of an episode ever, since Kirk didn’t get to punch these self-righteous space hippie d***heads out an airlock.
Remember when the Ferengi were supposed to be taken seriously? Neither do we.
Let’s give teenagers a battleship! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!
A clip show? As funny as TNG could accidentally be, it’s not like it’s a sitcom!
At least it’s not “Code of Honor”.
Don’t threaten to kill Porthos! He’s the best actor on the show!
AKA “28 Vulcans Later”.
We couldn’t do this and not feature the Paris Janeway lizard sex episode.
Rushjob of Episode
Crusher bangs a candle ghost on the planet of Scottish stereotypes.

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