Here's A Helpful Guide To What The Future Will Look Like According To Movies

Have you ever asked yourself, “Gee, I wonder what Earth’s going to look in the year 2578”? I suppose the better question is, “When am I NOT asking myself what the Earth’s going to look in the year 2578, long after everything I know, including myself, will be dead and forgotten”? Luckily, designer Michael Hobson put together a helpful guide to what dozens of movie say the future will look like. For instance, the actions of Doom take place in 2046, so prepare yourself for demons from another galaxy, while in 3028, Earth will be destroyed and humans will be forced to look for another planet, says Titan A.E. That film stars Bill Pullman, so you know it’s true.

He forgot to include the year 5,000,000,000, though, when the Sun explodes. Oh wait. That’s real life. Uh oh.


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