‘Drawing D*cks On The Herald Sun’ Is The Future Of Journalism

05.30.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

Newspapers are struggling. If they’re not going out of business, they’re telling staffers to hand in their Newsie caps. It’s called “old media” for a reason, and it’s time for newspaper tycoons (those exist, right?) to think about their future, specifically: how they should draw penises on all their pictures and advertisements. $$$
Such is the Superbad-approved premise of, “Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun.” As the Facebook group description reads, “Drawing dicks on things may seem immature, but in reality it’s hilarious. My fellow workmates and I get bored at lunch, these are some of our masterpieces.” You hear that, New York Times?
Some workplaces though may consider these NSFW though. You’ve been warned.

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