Here Are The Characters From ‘Frozen’ Performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

“Because reasons.” That’s all the justification that YouTuber “NostalgicFangirl” needed by uploading this strange but wonderful video that features the main characters of Frozen singing and dancing along to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Of course, like most great Internet art, we have no clue who actually made this and if there was a specific reason behind it. Was it for a class project? Are there more of these reenacting other iconic music videos? Can they make one for Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”? And can they do the entire video and song? Because the song rules, and I hate it when people play the abridged version, okay?

Anyway, if you use this video for anything, use it to start teaching your children about the greatest songs of all-time. It starts with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and then continues with everything by Peter Cetera. Whatever you choose after that is up to you.