Here, Have a Nice Big Bloody Chunk of Dead Space 3 Footage

As I’ve mentioned here several times, I’m a fan of EA’s Dead Space series. Well, now we have over 20-minutes of Dead Space 3 footage that gives us a look at the game’s snowy environment, as well as details on how the game’s new co-op mode is going to work. Also, lots of assurances from a faux-hawked douchebag producer that the game will be totally super-awesome.

Hit the jump for the totally super-awesome footage…

So, yeah, as a lot of people are pointing out (usually while stomping their feet and pouting) Dead Space 3 looks less horror-ey and more shooter-ish than past games in the series. It still looks good though. Also, take into account that this is a run-through of Dead Space 3’s E3 demo. Demos are generally designed to be all action — trying to do suspense on a crowded convention floor doesn’t really work. There will probably be scarier parts in the actual finished game.

Stuff I dug from the video — single player and co-op co-existing in the same campaign actually looks to be well implemented as opposed to Resident Evil 5’s “yeah, don’t play this alone unless you want to give yourself a frustration aneurysm” co-op. Blowing snow hiding threats until they’re almost on top of you is a cool idea. Also, I’m pretty into any game that lets you get stuck in a giant sphincter.

Stuff I didn’t dig — anybody who uses the words “pulping” or “pulped” should be uh, ground into a fine, wet paste. Yeah.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun